The election to replace Georgia’s Tom Price in Congress is drawing national attention. The April 18th contest is the first election since Trump won the White House, and Democrats sense a chance to make a huge statement; flipping the traditionally “red” Sixth District would send a strong message that the American majority means business. The leading Democratic candidate in the race, Jon Ossoff, has garnered nationwide support, national TV coverage, several high-profile endorsements, and a stunning amount of grassroots campaign donations. The outpouring of grassroots support, combined with a savvy campaign apparatus, gives Ossoff a real chance to shock the GOP on April 18th.

Apparently, Ossoff’s campaign has Republicans worried. A conservative Super PAC funded by Congressional Republican leaders just spent over a million dollars on a TV ad attempting to undermine Ossoff… but unfortunately for the GOP, their attack ad is backfiring spectacularly.

The Republican ad focuses on a video of Ossoff, dressed as Star Wars hero Han Solo, performing in a skit while he was a member of a singing group at Georgetown University. It appears the ad was intended to mock Ossoff for… participating in extracurricular activities while in college? Having a personality and enjoying fun things? It’s not entirely clear what the ad is trying to say, but the message it conveys is definitely not the one Republicans intended. Instead of making Ossoff look bad, the misguided and tone-deaf ad makes him look more human, relatable, and dare we say… heroic?

Think about it: without meaning to, Republicans have just equated the Democratic underdog Jon Ossoff with Han Solo – a dashing young rogue who helped lead a scrappy resistance to victory against the powerful forces of an evil dictator. The Ossoff campaign couldn’t get away with making this comparison themselves, but Republicans just wasted well over a million bucks tying Ossoff to an American icon, one of the most beloved heroes in one of the most popular stories in history. Anybody would consider voting for Han Solo. Or should we say… #JonSolo?

The ad is a pretty hilarious failure, but it still represents a serious situation: Republicans are willing to spend millions of dollars in the race for Georgia’s Sixth District, because they know they can’t afford to lose it. If you want to be part of the resistance, here are a few ways you can help:

  1. Donate to Jon Ossoff’s campaign. Republicans are spending big. Fight back.
  2. Join the 6th District Task Force and help drive voter turnout. You can assist the phone banks no matter where you live. #FlipThe6th
  3. Donate to the Democratic parties in the 6th District – Cobb, DeKalb, and Fulton counties are working together to win this race.
  4. Post and tweet this article. Use #JonSolo and #FlipThe6th.

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