For the newly politically activated, it can be challenging to take the first steps. Going from Facebook posts to real action takes guts – especially if you’re naturally shy in the first place, or just unsure where to start. But have no fear! Anyone can make a difference with something as simple as regular phone calls to their Members of Congress. If you’re intimidated by the idea of making those calls, the good folks at the Indivisible Guide have made it much simpler with a series of easy-to-use call scripts.

The most effective way to get your Senators’ and Representatives’ attention is by showing up in person or in groups at their local offices, town hall meetings, and events. Emails are better than nothing, but often don’t get much of a response. Phone calls make a difference, especially when there are a whole lot of them, so if that’s the level of involvement you’re comfortable starting with, then here’s how to do it:

  • Visit the Indivisible Guide’s scripts page and read over some scripts to get comfortable with the approach.
  • Find your Senators’ and Representatives’ office numbers (D.C. is fine, local offices are better because they care more about the opinions of voters in their home districts). Save them in your phone or write them down.
  • Pick an issue for the day – the Indivisible scripts cover a wide range of today’s issues in great detail, with effective arguments and responses already written in.
  • Call your members of Congress about your issue of the day. At the end of the call, you will know their position on the issue, and you will have let them know where you stand on it and what you expect from them.
  • Stay calm. We are dealing with some highly emotional issues right now, but don’t give them a reason to hang up or dismiss your call.
  • Make the script your own. Change the wording, tone, etc., to fit your personality, but keep the goals in mind: find out where they stand, tell them where you stand and why, and tell them what specific actions you expect from them.
  • Always remember: they work for YOU. In a way, this is like calling customer service when you have a problem; it’s their job to listen and to serve you. Make them do their job.

If you decide you want to move beyond making phone calls, we recommend searching Indivisible for a local group in your area and/or joining up with your County political party (if your views are aligned with theirs). Join protests. Write letters. Support causes and candidates financially. Volunteer for non-profits or political campaigns. Maybe even consider running for office yourself! Do whatever you can, because your voice deserves to be heard.

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