By a margin of 2,864,974 certified votes, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in the 2016 presidential election. Hers is the largest margin ever by a candidate who lost the electoral vote. According to the Associated Press, the final tallies were:

Hillary Clinton: 65,844,954 actual votes (48.2% of all votes cast), 227 electoral votes.

Donald Trump: 62,979,879 actual votes (46.1% of all votes cast), 304 electoral votes.

This is the fifth time in American history, and the second this century, that the candidate with the most actual votes did not win the presidency. However, the margin of almost 3 million individual votes is unprecedented – and it has Donald Trump very upset. We know he’s upset because we, and the rest of the world, have a 24/7 window into Trump’s id: his Twitter account. Here’s how the next president of the United States – a full-grown adult – has most recently handled the news of his popular vote loss:

(NOTE: The claim that millions of people voted illegally is a lie.)

The electoral vote has been certified, and despite the fact that nearly 3 million more Americans voted for his opponent, Donald Trump will be the next president. This article is not the place to discuss the merits of the electoral college (for that, read this article). For a short assessment of the electoral college’s value, let’s see what Trump himself had to say when he thought (inaccurately) that his candidate was on the wrong side of it:

Now that he’s on the winning side of the largest imbalance ever between popular and electoral vote, Trump’s concerns – which seemed deadly serious at the time – appear to have evaporated. Instead of calling this election a “sham,” a “travesty,” or a “great and disgusting injustice,” he considers it completely fair. Instead of calling the electoral college a “disaster for a democracy,” he considers it “genius” now that it benefits him personally:

And now, instead of calling for revolution and marches on Washington to fight back against the “serious and unprecedented trouble” our nation faces, Donald Trump is whining that people should just go ahead and accept that he won, already.

It takes a special kind of person to win a national election and still be a sore loser.