The petition to make Hillary Clinton President of the United States instead of Donald Trump has now gotten more signatures than any petition in the site’s history, CNET reports. While Clinton lost the electoral vote in the 2016 election, she won the popular vote by well over 2 million*. The petition calls for electors (those who make up the electoral college and cast the official votes that determine the president) in Trump states to change their votes, which would reflect Clinton’s overwhelming popular vote victory and deny Donald Trump the Oval Office. At 4.6 million signatures, the Clinton petition has nearly doubled the second-largest petition in history (2.6 million).

As I wrote previously, a primary purpose of the electoral college is to prevent a popular but unqualified or dangerous candidate from becoming the president. For that reason, electors in the majority of states are free to cast their votes for either candidate, regardless of who won their state’s popular vote; in the states where electors are required by law to follow the popular vote, they generally would face only fines for violating that requirement. The massive support behind the Clinton-for-president petition suggests Clinton supporters would likely be willing to pay for the electors’ fines as well.

An electoral reversal like the one this petition calls for would be unprecedented. On a few occasions in history, electors have switched sides, but never enough of them to change the outcome of an election. Based on historical data, I would say that a reversal big enough to make Hillary Clinton president is unlikely… but not impossible.

View the Clinton-for-president petition on here.

Read the CNET article here: Petition to make Clinton president largest in history – CNET

*UPDATE: Clinton’s popular vote victory now numbers over 2.5 million individual votes.